About Us


About Us

What once was a sleepy hosiery mill in the foothills of North Carolina has transformed into the largest manufacturer and retailer of socks in the United States. Renfro, responsible for 20% of all socks purchased in the United States, is the exclusive manufacturer of all products available on our website.


Renfro’s varied ‘sockspertise’ means it is the industry leader in a wide array of sock needs, including athletic, health and wellness, and fashion. Renfro works with top retailers to ensure products are cutting edge in technology and design. Renfro’s products lead the way in comfort, research and development, aesthetics, and satisfaction.

RenfroSocks.com is the ultimate location to get top-quality, high-design products directly from the manufacturer. Because Renfro Socks is the manufacturer of its brands, Renfro stand’s behind the integrity and quality of the products you receive, and strive to continually optimize them based on consumer feedback. We are also able to provide experts who know specific product recommendations for all your hosiery needs.


Renfro Socks prides itself on amazing customer service, fair pricing, and top quality and variety.


Trust us, we’re as passionate as they come about socks and 95 years of experience to back it up.

Whether its athletic, casual, dress or performance needs, we have the products to provide a solid foundation.



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