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basketball socks

Basketball socks are one of the most important clothing items needed for basketball players. They keep the player’s foot from fatiguing throughout the game along with helping to prevent foot injuries. They’re also indispensable for keeping feet dry, which is essential for foot health during any intense game. Finally, at the end of a long, enthusiastic match, players want a sock that keeps the odor to a minimum in the locker room.

Spalding® has launched a new line of white and black basketball socks for men’s shoe sizes 4-9, 6-12, and 13-15 along with women’s shoe sizes 6-10. They’re now available on in the colors of black, red, light blue, dark blue, purple, and black in a white background. There’s also a grey-sock design within a black background. The Spalding®  basketball socks are available in crew and quarter (sometimes called ankle) length.

From NBA players to high school teams, all players need a sock that will provide protection. In fact, we think the Spalding sock does just that. The Spalding® basketball socks for men and women are incredibly strong with the right elements for any player. First, the sock technology features compression support in the ankle and a reinforced-reciprocated heel to provide extra stability to the foot. Secondly, with Blister Guard, there’ll be reduced friction in the foot, which will cut down on hot spots and blisters after a hard-fought game.

Next, the basketball socks feature a mesh structure for better ventilation and cooling along with a moisture-management system that wicks away sweat, which is also essential in reducing blisters and painful hotspots. Finally, the Spalding sock has a seamless toe for more comfort and reduced irritation in the toe box, something you don’t want to worry about during a sports game.

Made by Renfro Corporation, Spalding®  basketball socks can be found at


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