Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Payments and Orders

  1. What type of payments do you accept?
  2. When will you charge my credit card?
  3. How do I know my order went through?
  4. My credit card isn’t being accepted. What do I do?
  5. Can I use multiple coupon codes?
  6. I have a coupon code. Where do I enter it?
  7. How do I order if I am a business?
  8. Can I change my order after I have submitted?
  9. Why haven't I received an email regarding my order?
  10. What happens if a product is cancelled on my order?
  11. An item in my order is missing or damaged.
  12. Why am I charged sales tax?
  13. Why must I pay shipping & handling if there is a free shipping promotion?

Delivery and Shipping

  1. How much is shipping?
  2. How do you ship?
  3. Has my order shipped?
  4. When will I receive my order?
  5. How do I track my package?
  6. Do you ship outside the United States?
  7. I haven’t received my package. What do I do?
  8. Where do you ship from?
  9. Do you need my post office box address?

Returns and Exchanges

  1. How do I return an item for a refund?
  2. Do you accept exchanges?
  3. I accidentally ordered the wrong socks. Can you change my order?

Product Questions

  1. What is the content of each sock?
  2. What size should I order for Dr. Scholl’s Graduated Compression?
  3. What’s the difference between graduated compression and nonbinding diabetic socks?
  4. What is mmHg?
  5. How do I know what size sock to order?

Accounts and Passwords

  1. Why should I create an account?
  2. What if I've forgotten my password?
  3. Can I change my password?
  4. Can I order without creating a password and username?

Contacting Us/Customer Service

  1. How do I contact customer service?
  2. What are your customer service hours?

Privacy Policy and Personal Data Usage

  1. How will you use my e-mail and personal information?

Payments and Orders

  1. We accept debit or credit cards with the Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover logos issued in the United States. We do not accept checks or money orders. If you want to use a credit or debit card issued elsewhere, offers a personal shopper service that may be able to accept your payment method. Please visit's Personal Shopper help page for information.

  2. Your card is pre-authorized when you place an order to ensure that it can be charged when we ship your order. This pre-authorization or “hold” is a non-monetary transaction that checks that your account is valid and has sufficient funds. The duration of this hold is entirely up to your bank. Most banks will put a hold for these funds on your card. We don't charge your credit card until the order has shipped and is on its way to you.

  3. To verify your order was accepted, you will see a copy of your order receipt on the next page after you hit submit. You will also receive a copy of the receipt in your inbox. Many spam filters often catch these e-mails, so be sure to whitelist and check your spam filters for messages from us.

  4. If you are unable to process your credit card, please check that you have the correct card number, expiration date, and your 3 or 4-digit security number. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards use the very last 3-digit numbers that appear on the back of your card. If you are using an American Express card, the verification number is a 4-digit number that appears on the front of your card, above and either on the left or right of the card number. If your card does not have a verification number, try another card or enter the number 000.

  5. No, you cannot use multiple coupon codes. Only one coupon code per order can be applied. Coupon codes for discounted or free shipping apply only to orders delivered to a United States address. Voucher codes (including those from daily deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social) are considered coupon codes and cannot be redeemed in combination with additional coupons.
  6. Coupon codes can be applied at the very bottom while viewing the items in the shopping cart or on step 3, the Payment Information step.

  7. Businesses wishing to buy at wholesale should visit If you represent a group or charity wishing to place a large order, please call our customer service number at 1-855-655-8134 or email customer service at [email protected].

  8. No, we cannot change order quantities, styles, or colors after you have submitted your order. We can cancel your order and assist you in making a new order. Please e-mail customer service at [email protected] or call 1-855-655-8134 to cancel your order. Please have your order number ready when you contact us.

    1. Please e-mail customer service at [email protected] or call 1-855-655-8134.

    2. We are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

  9. Most likely, you have a spam blocker filtering out e-mail from our system. Try checking for a spam folder in your e-mail client. Also, turn off any spam blockers that may prevent our e-mails from reaching you.

  10. The bad news is if an item is cancelled from your order, it means the item is sold out. If this happens, we only charge you for the merchandise that actually ships. Any out-of-stock items canceled from your order will appear as canceled on the follow-up delivery confirmation e-mail.

  11. Please contact us at [email protected] or call 1-855-655-8134.

  12. We are required to charge sales tax in accordance with applicable state and local laws where Renfro Corporation has operations and conducts business. We remit all taxes to the appropriate taxing jurisdictions. If you are using a mail forwarding service, your order will be subject to sales tax for delivery to that local U.S. address.

  13. In the event that you are charged shipping & handling during a free shipping promotion, it may be due to an order value of $0.00. We must charge shipping & handling if an order value is $0.00.

Delivery and Shipping

  1. Standard shipping & handling is $4.50 using USPS or UPS SurePost. Allow 7-10 business days for product delivery to most U.S. addresses with standard shipping. Please allow 10-14 days for product delivery to APO and FPO addresses. Shipments to AK or HI can take up to 3-5 weeks. Orders over $50 shipped to APO/FPO addresses are not eligible for free shipping. For shipments outside the 50 states, we have partnered with For more information on internationation shipping, please visit UPS 2nd Day delivery is available for a flat shipping and handling fee of $14.95 to all 50 states. Please allow 3-5 days for UPS 2nd Business Day delivery. Please note that even with 2nd Business Day delivery, our fulfillment center may also need up to another 3 days to fulfill the order. Free shipping is not available for UPS 2nd Day for orders over $50.

  2. In order to keep your shipping and handling charges low, we use USPS or UPS SurePost on most of our standard shipping orders. For UPS Surepost, UPS will pick up your package at our distribution center and deliver your shipment to your local post office. The USPS will make final delivery to your mail box, post office box, or door. 

  3. We will send you an e-mail when your order ships with tracking details. If you haven't received that e-mail yet, then no, your order is still pending. Please check your spam folder in case your e-mail client blocked our e-mails.

  4. Allow 7-10 business days for product delivery to most U. S. addresses with standard shipping. Please allow 10-14 days for product delivery to APO and FPO addresses. Please allow 3-5 days for UPS 2nd Business Day delivery. Shipments to AK or HI can take up to 3-5 weeks from our distribution center. Since we use UPS SurePost, final UPS standard delivery may be handled by the United States Postal Service and Saturday deliveries may not be possible.

  5. A tracking number was included in a follow-up e-mail that was sent to notify you that your order was shipped. 

  6. does not ship outside the 50 states. 

  7. First, check the shipment e-mail that was sent to your inbox when we shipped your order, which is sometimes blocked by spam filters. This e-mail will contain your tracking number. If your shipment progress says delivered, please check around your property, with the local post office, or with a neighbor. If you feel your package was lost, please contact us at [email protected]. We will work with UPS or USPS, which can take up to five days, to investigate your shipment. Please have your order number ready when you call.

  8. We ship from Mount Airy, North Carolina.

  9. If you receive mail at a USPS PO box, please provide your PO Box in the shipping address section under address 2. Since we use USPS and UPS Surepost, most likely your shipment may be delivered by the United States Postal Service.

Returns and Exchanges

  1. A return label was included in your shipment in a clear envelope on the outside of your package. You may complete the product return form and place it inside your shipment. Please reference your order number on the product return form or provide a copy of either your packing slip or the receipt that was e-mailed to your inbox.  Note: Our standard returns policy applies for all merchandise. However, please note that the return label we typically provide on the packing slip is only valid within the United States. International customers are responsible for shipping a package back to the United States and for any fees associated with that shipment.

    If you no longer have the return label, you may mail the package back to the following address:

    Renfro Corporation
    Attn: B2C Returns Department
    1310 Boggs Drive
    Mt. Airy, NC 27030

    Once we receive the return, we will issue a credit for the amount of the merchandise. Please allow up to two billing cycles for refunds to appear on your credit card statement. Original shipping and processing fees are nonrefundable.

  2. No, we do not offer exchanges. You may return your merchandise for a refund. You can contact us at [email protected] or call 1-855-655-8134 to help you find the right product for your needs.

  3. No, we cannot change order quantities, styles, or colors after you have submitted your order. We can cancel your order and assist you in making a new order. Please e-mail customer service at [email protected] to cancel your order. Please provide your order number when you contact us.

Product Questions

  1. The content of each sock can be found on the “content” tab on each product description page. Click the tab beside the “description” tab.

  2. It’s best to use a tape measure to measure your calf and ankle circumference before you order. Always consult with your physician when using graduated compression products. Please check our sizing chart below for the correct fit.

    Men's and Women's Compression

     Women's US Shoe Size Women's Ankle Circum.Women's Calf Circum Men's US Shoe SizeMen's Ankle Circum.Men's Calf Circum.
    Small 4-5 7-8" 10.5-14.5" --- --- ---
    Medium 5.5-7.5 8-9.5" 11.5"-15.5" 7.5-10 8.75-10" 12-16.5"
    Large 8-10.5 9.5-11" 12.5"-17" 10.5-12 10-11.5" 12.5-18"
    X-Large 11 & up 11 & up 17 & up 12.5-14 11.5-13" 13.5-19.75"

    Unisex Post-Surgical Socks


    Women’s US Shoe Size

    Men’s US Shoe Size

    Ankle Circum.

    Calf Circum.


    7 & Under

    8.5 & Under

    7 – 8”

    10.5 – 14.5”


    7.5 – 10

    9 – 11.5

    8 – 9.5”

    11.5 – 15.5”


    10.5 - 12

    12 – 13.5

    9.5 – 11”

    12.5 – 17”


    12.5 & over

    14 & over

    11 – 12.5”

    13.5 – 18”


    12.5 & over

    14 & over

    12.5 – 13.5”

    14.5 – 20”


    12.5 & over

    14 & over

    13.5 – 14.5”

    18.5 – 23”

  3. Please note it is important to consult a physician when making health decisions regarding your feet and whether to wear compression or diabetic socks.

    Both graduated compression and non-binding diabetic socks offer great health benefits to maintain healthy feet and legs, but both provide opposite benefits. Compression socks are effective in helping with venous disorders, such as tired, achy legs, varicose veins, edema, swelling, and deep vein thrombosis. They are also often used by travelers to help prevent blood clots or by athletes to decrease muscle fatigue. Compression socks are very tight around the ankles and lessen gradually up the leg to help force the venous blood back to the heart.

    On the other hand, diabetic socks are soft, nonbinding and are meant to provide no compression and allow circulation to flow regularly in the feet and ankles. Diabetic socks may help in the prevention of diabetic wounds and other foot problems from occurring. These socks are meant to help prevent irritations, offer comfort, and reduce pressure points.

  4. Dr. Scholl’s graduated compression socks come in many different compression ranges known as mmHg or millimeters of mercury. This unit of measurement measures the amount of pressure being exerted by the sock onto the foot. The mmHg measure originates from how many millimeters the mercury would rise when the air pressure changed. The higher the number, the more pressure exerted onto the foot and leg. Dr. Scholl’s Socks offers three different compression ranges: mild support at 10-15 mmHg, moderate support at 15-20 mmHg, and firm support at 20-30 mmHg.

  5. All of our sizes on our website are shoe-size ranges. Look for the sock size in the title of each product description page.

Accounts and Passwords

  1. Creating an account is not required for online orders, but an account provides you with added benefits like saving your billing and shipping address along with your order history and wish list for future orders.

  2. Please click on the reset your password link and a new password will be e-mailed to you. We do not have access to your password, but we can reset your password or look up your username. You can contact us at [email protected] or call 1-855-655-8134.

  3. You can change your password once you log into your account. Just look for “Change Password.”

  4. Yes. You are not required to create an account to place an order. Just click “Continue Without Login” when you check out; however, creating an account provides you with added benefits like saving your billing and shipping address along with your order history and wish list for future orders.

Contacting Us/Customer Service

  1. Please e-mail customer service at [email protected] or call 1-855-655-8134.

  2. We are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Privacy Policy and Personal Data Usage

  1. To learn about how we use your personal data or how to opt out of future e-mails, please visit our Privacy Policy page.


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