Ladies Plus Size | Renfro Socks offers ladies plus size for large and tall.


Ladies Plus Size

Renfro Socks offers ladies plus size socks. Everyone wants to look good regardless of your weight and stature. We offer socks in many styles, silhouettes and colors to meet any of your needs. Whether you are looking for an everyday wear type of socks or something for the outdoors, we have what will work best for men, women and children. 

We have been in business for over 80 years. Starting with only 25 employees, we now gainfully employ over 5,000 people worldwide. We are able to identify, market and manufacture products that are dedicated to the latest in emerging trends and fashions that you desire. Although our expertise in socks made us successful, it took integrity and innovation to make us the industry leaders. We use ongoing research to better understand the needs of our customers and retail partners. We are built on much more than ladies plus size socks. We are built on trusted relationships with you and our retailers. We are built on a family of brands that match lifestyles around the world and on meeting these needs and exceeding expectations. 

All of our ladies plus size socks are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. If you are a career-oriented person or someone who enjoys being active, we have a sock that will best fit your needs and wants. Most people think that a sock is a sock and there are not many styles. This is just not true! There are many different styles depending on what you desire. There are no show socks all the way to knee high socks. They come in an array of colors from classic white to socks with funky designs. 

Leg and foot fatigue can cause more problems like back pain, overall tiredness and irritability. There can also be more serious causes like blood clots that can lead to serious problems like strokes and sometimes even death. Healthy feet can actually make you feel less tired and the socks you wear can promote good health through better circulation because of their design. Also, pampering your feet and giving them a “day at the spa” with some needed rest and relaxation also promotes healthy feet and a healthy you. We offer ladies plus size socks on so you can experience the comfort and relief you get from well-fitted, comfortable socks. 

Check out our wide selection of socks and see all the amazing styles and colors we offer. We even offer specialty socks by Dr. Scholl’s. Are you looking for something specific? Please contact us and we will see if we can get what you are looking for. Remember, we even have ladies plus size socks because everyone deserves the best fitting socks for their feet.


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