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Ladies Sock

When looking for quality ladies socks, it is important to consider the size, feel, comfort and the price. A sock too big or too small can create circulatory problems, the Style and fabric of the socks could be rough and uncomfortable and some socks promise you little comfort and style but still leave your wallet empty. Renfro Socks offers you affordable socks that are comfortable, stylish and your perfect size. 

Renfro Socks was founded in 1921 with only 25 employees. Since that time, we have grown to over 5,000 employees with worldwide distribution and operations. We have become industry leaders due to our success but ladies socks are not the only thing that has brought us tremendous growth. We have built our success on the trusted relationships with our retailers and customers. We have built our reputation on a family of brands that match our customers’ lifestyles. We have built our growth on meeting needs and exceeding expectations. 

We use ongoing research to discover emerging trends and find ways to make our customers more informed through updated packaging and website descriptions. For instance, ladies socks come in a variety of colors and patterns, styles and sizes. We strive to inform you of all the colors and patterns the socks come in, help you discover what style of sock would benefit your lifestyle and we keep in stock a variety of sizes to give you the perfect fitting, most comfortable sock that will ever embrace your feet. 

Our website offers a couple of ways to sort our ladies socks to help you find what you are looking for. You can sort by brand such as Dr. Scholl’s or Fruit of the Loom. You can search by type such as health, athletic or fashion. You can also sort by color such as white, black and any color in between. Finally, you can search for socks by silhouette and pick ankle, knee high, no show and more. We strive to offer you convenience in finding the best socks for you with our easy to navigate website and online order convenience. 

The proper sock fit and size is important to your foot and leg health. Properly fitting socks can promote good circulation and prevent foot fatigue. Socks that are too big can bunch up and restrict blood flow while socks too small can cause fatigue on your legs and feet and cause you pain and numbness. 

As you can see, properly fitting socks are important to the health of your legs and feet. Plus, they will thank you for finding them comfortable socks that will not leave them feeling left out in the pampering process. Order your ladies socks today and your feet will thank you.


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