Medical Stocking | Also known as compression stockings, these specially designed socks are available at Renfro Socks


Medical Stocking

There are many reasons a doctor may recommend a patient wear a medical stocking. Also known as compression stockings, these specially designed socks are knee-length, fitting snugly over the calves. The compression quality of the stockings stimulates the blood flow in the legs and helps to reduce the risk of fatal blood clots.

Compression stockings are routinely applied at hospitals during surgical procedures. They are often used during the post-surgical recovery period as well. 

Outside of the operating room, doctors will often recommend the wearing of a medical stocking to patients with diabetes, along with any other patients with blood pressure or circulation concerns. The stockings are also referred to as travel or flight socks, as many doctors recommend for their patients to wear them during air travel or in other similar situations in which the patient may sit or stand for a long period of time in cramped quarters.

Studies have shown that wearing a medical stocking when traveling greatly reduces the risk of the patient developing deep vein thrombosis, also known as “economy class syndrome,” as it became increasingly common amongst airplane passengers.  Deep vein thrombosis is a potentially fatal condition which occurs when a blood clot forms and partially or fully blocks blood vessels. Patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis are likely to experience swelling and pain in the legs.

In addition to reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis, wearing a medical stocking can also help relieve tired, achy legs, swelling, leg cramps, varicose veins, and edema. 

Renfro Socks carries a full line of medical stockings in an array of colors and styles for both men and women. A popular choice is Dr. Scholl’s Therapeutic Compression Socks, which come in black, white, or navy for men. For women, they come in black, beige, and navy and are available in “sheer” in each of those colors as well, making it easy for them to be worn on a daily basis. Dr. Scholl’s also offers a post-surgical open-toe compression sock for both men and women. The socks are available in a range of sizes, as a proper fit is important in order for the sock to stimulate the blood circulation in the legs as they are designed to do.

 Customers can view Renfro Socks complete inventory of socks, including medical stockings, on their website at Their easy to navigate website allows the customer to narrow down the extensive catalog of socks by sorting them by type, style, gender, and even color. They can then complete their purchase on the secure website and the socks will be promptly shipped to the customer. 


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