Socks for Basketball


Socks For Basketball

Finding the right socks for basketball players

Finding the right socks for basketball is an important choice, especially if it can affect the difference between success or failure on game day. For basketball players, they will want to choose an athletic sock designed specifically for their sport.  Spalding® has a line of socks for players that can help avid competitors avoid blisters, provide breathability, and reduce foot fatigue

According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, socks for basketball players should be constructed with acrylic fibers, such as the polyester and nylon content found in all Spalding® basketball socks. The acrylic fibers will help reduce hot spots and blisters during the game.

The acrylic fibers also must have a hydrophobic component in the material that should repel or wick moisture accumulation from the skin. Socks for basketball players must also feature a breathable mesh in the upper shoe area so that any water vapor can evaporate to help keep the feet dry. Spalding® socks include both moisture management and mesh features.

Some socks for basketball players come with compression support in the ankle to help prevent injuries by providing extra stabilization in the ankle joint. Because movement occurs in all directions, the ankle joint undergoes extreme pressure. Basketball socks, like those found in Spalding®, should offer this extra support.

Finally, socks for basketball players should also be comfortable. Spalding® socks have a terry backing for comfort along with a spandex top to help the sock stay up. There’s also a seamless toe to keep irritation from occurring in the toe box.

From socks for NBA players to the high school team, your uniform is not complete without the proper equipment.  Spalding has a line of white and black basketball socks for men’s shoe sizes 4-9, 6-12, and 13-15 along with women’s shoe sizes 6-10. There’s a wide variety of colors available in the white versions, from purple basketball socks to blue.

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