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Socks Plus Sizes

Even when it comes to socks, plus size clothing can be a challenge to find. Many plus sized customers are forced to shop at specialty apparel stores which cater exclusively to the above average sized person. Unfortunately, due to a limited number of these specialty stores, fashion options have been limited in the past. The internet has changed the way everyone shops and has brought specialty shops from all over the world right into the shopper’s home. This has broadened the fashion choices for everything from bridal gowns to socks, plus size clothing included.

Renfro Socks is an online distributor of socks, through their website at Shoppers can browse their virtual catalog of socks by brand, size, gender, color, style, or type. Renfro socks has been in the footwear business since 1921 and is a worldwide leader, as demonstrated by their extensive inventory of socks to choose from.

Renfro Socks has a wide variety of sizes of socks, including infant socks, children’s socks, plus size socks, and men and women’s socks.  The sock inventory found on their website includes their top brandslike Hot Sox, Copper Sole, Dr. Scholls, and Fruit of the Loom. Whether looking for athletic socks, dress socks, fashion socks, or medical socks, plus size shoppers will find a large selection to browse and choose from. Other footwear found on the website includes slippers, legwarmers, and tights.

They are a popular site for shoppers looking for compression socks, or travel socks. They carry Dr. Scholls Therapeutic Compression socks  in men’s and women’s socks, plus size available in both. They are designed to look like ordinary knee socks and come in black, navy beige and white for men and in black, navy, and beige for women. The women’s socks are even available in sheer. They also offer an ankle sock which is designed especially for diabetics to help improve circulation in the feet, whereas the knee length compression socks target the stimulation in the calves to help prevent blood clots or the development of deep vein thrombosis.

Customers shopping at find their website to be easy to navigate. Shoppers can sort the large inventory by brand, color, style, type, or length, allowing them to find the perfect pair of socks easily.  The site will show a photograph of each item and give a description, as well as any customer reviews. Customers can simply add items to their virtual shopping cart until they are ready to check out on the secure site. Their items will then be promptly shipped right to their front door for their convenience.

For any person of larger stature having difficulty finding comfortable, properly fitting footwear, Renfro Socks is ready to help.  Log on today to browse their specialty socks, plus size socks, and medical socks. 


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