Socks really are the perfect gift


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Socks really are the perfect gift
Friday, December 04, 2015

Still searching for the right gift?

I remember years ago watching my younger siblings opening gifts on Christmas Day. Meanwhile, my brother would try to plant seeds of doubt in their heads with play-by-play commentary as they unwrapped each present. “I bet it’s socks!” he would say with a chuckle. “It’s just what you always wanted!” The kids celebrated when they tore off the wrapping paper to find a new toy instead.

Now here we are again, many chaotic Christmases later. It’s early December, and I’m looking around for the right gifts for the family. They are all grown up now, and as most of us have found, it’s a little tougher Christmas shopping for adults.

What in the world should I pick up this year?

Dad could use some new power tools for the next home project … but he’d rather pick those out himself. Household appliances are always useful … however one must tread carefully when it comes to buying these types of gifts for your spouse.  I learned that at a young age when Dad bought Mom a dishwasher one year and a vacuum cleaner the next. Gag gifts are cheap and fun at first. But even those types of things often end up in the trash, or re-gifted the following year.

On my way to the gift card and candy/junk food section, I thought back to those good ol’ days. What about socks? Maybe I had it all wrong. Maybe socks make perfect sense when it comes to gifts.

Socks are no longer boring. They are fashion accessories nowadays. Hot Sox is for the person with unique style looking to make a bold fashion statement. Hot Sox has everything from the popular artist collection to the coolest novelty and holiday socks. Hot Sox Holiday socks recently appeared in the New York Daily News holiday gift guide. The Mona Lisa socks, from the Hot Sox artist collection, were featured in Best Products gift guide in November. Different Hot Sox styles made their way into Accessories and Justin Magazine and on this fall. It’s not just the ladies who are making fashion headlines with the trendy socks. Men are rocking Hot Sox as well; from artist socks to cool novelty socks. Everybody needs socks. Socks endure all kinds of wear and tear. Yet we don’t give socks a whole lot of thought. We just expect them to do the job. They should be durable and fit comfortably. Many miles later, socks are worn out, yet we expect them to tough it out and keep going. If you buy socks for someone this season, there’s a good chance they’ll use them. If they are Hot Sox, they are sure to stand out from the crowd.

A lot of folks just don’t want to buy socks for themselves.  Apparently this mindset somehow expanded to: “I don’t want to buy socks for anybody else either,” or “I don’t want to be the guy who bought socks for gifts.”  I like to try on and buy my own shoes before making a purchase. If an athletic shoe doesn’t feel good in the store, we aren’t going to wear them out the door. Many people enjoy shopping for clothes and shoes. Socks? Not so much. Hey, if I’m not going to buy my own socks, it would be nice if somebody picks me up a few pairs for Christmas. Mine are starting to get holes in them. Hot Sox won’t break the bank and you can be almost certain you can find something for everyone on your list.

Shop Hot Sox this season and be confident you are buying a product your friends and family can use. Hot Sox socks are anything but boring and ordinary. From the artist series and luxury collection, to novelty and holiday styles, Hot Sox socks are conversation starters.

Hot Sox make great gifts for the whole family.

Check out the wide selection of Hot Sox here.


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