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Soft Socks

Soft socks can soothe your aching feet and your soul. Slipping your feet into softness and comfort makes you feel good and warm on the inside. Socks can help promote circulation and help reduce the aches and pains that come from standing on your feet for a long period of time or the circulation problems that could arise from sitting for extended periods of time as well.

Renfro Hosiery Mills was founded in 1921. We only had 25 employees at that time. Today, we employ more than 5,000 people with operations worldwide. We are able to identify, market and manufacture products dedicated to your feet with the latest in trends, fashions and characteristics that you and your feet desire such as soft socks.

It has taken many years of integrity and innovation to make Renfro Socks the industry leader. We use ongoing research to understand the needs of our customers and partners. This research has given us the insight to redesign packaging that better informs our customers and make our products appealing. However, our success is not single faceted. We are built on more than just soft socks. We have built trusted relationships with our retailers and customers. We are built on a family of brands that match the lifestyle of our customers. We are built on meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Your feet deserve pampering with soft socks. We offer a variety of socks for all types of needs and sizes of feet. Whether you sit at a desk all day, are on your feet for hours on end or recovering from surgery, we have socks to help reduce fatigue and promote circulation. You and your feet will be happy to have the kind of comfort we offer in our line-up of socks. Not only are they comfortable and health friendly, they are fashionable as well.

What do you think your feet need the most? Do they need to be pampered every once in awhile? Do they constantly feel tired with aches and pains running up your legs? Socks could be part of the answer. The right fitting sock can promote good health for your feet and legs and help to reduce leg and foot fatigue. Soft socks can give your feet a few hours of pampering they will thank you for, and you can find comfortable socks at

It is time to consider your health and the overall health of your legs and feet. It is time to give them the attention they deserve after supporting you for all these years. It is time you pampered them and gave them some relief. Consider purchasing socks that will promote circulation and good leg health. Your feet will be happy you thought of them and purchased soft socks for their relief.



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